Gary Frey - Gary has over 20 years real estate and development experience in the Las Vegas Valley.  He has personally developed condo projects across the valley, and has been in sales and marketing for 15 years.  He brings an incredible amount of experience to the table, and as a developer is in a unique position to demonstrate the value added services that BCSA has to offer to residential developers of all types.

Trever Woodie – Trever has over 20 years experience in the construction industry.  After coming to Las Vegas in 1994, Trever saw how providing exceptional customer service positively impacted the growth of his construction entity.   This experience was pivotal in the development of BCSA and allowed him to create a company culture that embraces the concept of putting the customer first.  Through BCSA, he now markets this ideology to developers in order to maximize the benefits offered to their potential homeowners.